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You are late for work but can’t find your house keys to lock your door on the way out. Do you leave your home vulnerable to crime and burglars or do you quickly call a locksmith to help you with your problem?

Hopefully, you choose the latter! If you do, always look for a certified and professional locksmith that you can count on for other situations.

This is not the only scenario where a locksmith can come in handy. In fact, there are various locksmith services that can benefit you whether in an emergency or not.

So, what are these services, and what are the benefits of choosing to hire a professional locksmith? Keep reading to find out.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmith services provided include commercial, residential, and emergency services. Modern locksmiths can provide much more than the basics because of the advances in technology.

Most locksmiths provide access control, automotive services, home automation, alarms, and a security camera system.

Residential and Commercial Services

When you get locked out of your home or misplace your business keys, a locksmith can help. Professional locksmith service is equipped to handle locksmithing and security needs.

Some of the residential and commercial services provided include the following:

  • Emergency lockouts
  • Replacing locks
  • Lock installation
  • Smart lock installation
  • Rekeying door locks
  • Repair a damaged door lock
  • Peephole installation
  • Emergency exit door devices

Among other things, this is what you can expect when working with a locksmith on your home or business. Let’s go into a bit of detail about some of these services.

Lockout Service

Instead of breaking a window and increasing repair costs even more on your home or commercial building, hire a locksmith to let you back in. A convenient locksmith will be there for you at any time of the day.

A technician will be immediately dispatched to your location to get you back where you need to be quickly and safely.

Lock Repair and Duplication

When you need a new lock installed, a locksmith service should be your go-to. A trained technician can install your locks correctly without losing time and additional costs.

Installation and repair of all lock types, brands, and models are common with the modern locksmith.

Lock repair can help with any malfunction including burglary damage repair. Qualified professionals can replace the door while repairing the destruction that occurred.

You can choose a new and safer lock option after. 512 Locksmith offers these lock choices among others:

  • Grade 1 locks
  • Decorative locks
  • Double-sided locks
  • Biometric locks
  • Keyless locks

If your house or commercial building was burglarized because of a bad lock, it’s best to opt for a new type.

Lock Rekeying

Rekeying your locks can help keep out people you don’t want to have access to your home or office. Professionals can set your locks to operate with one key so that only you have access which improves overall security.

This is one of the best and most affordable ways to control home and business security.

Key Duplication and Creation

Duplicate keys for home, business, and auto can be created. Not only that, but a technician with the right tools can duplicate different key types like safe keys and mailbox keys.

The best part? You can experience these services remotely. This means technicians will come to you to cut and create your new duplicate key fast.

Access Control Installation Services

Access control depends on what you want for your system. You can restrict access to your residential or commercial building.

Systems like this can keep track of who is coming and going and when. Some access control system installation services provided are:

  • Access control system software
  • Magnetic lock systems
  • Door access control keypads
  • Electronic deadbolts
  • Key fobs and proximity cards
  • Video and audio intercom systems

The more expensive options might include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

In general, an access control system uses a keypad or electronic lock instead of a traditional method of entry. You can change the code at any time for increased safety.

The great thing about access control systems is that they can be installed on any door. You can also reach out to the same installing locksmith for repair needs.

If you have a current system with a lot of malfunctions, expert locksmiths can correct this by installing or upgrading a new high-tech electronic lock solution.

Along with protecting your business building or home, you can restrict certain rooms with access control. Designated users can come in by using a biometric fingerprint, code in a keypad, or fob/keycard.

These three identifications methods will ensure the identity of a person before being allowed into the designated area. This is a service you’ll want to schedule ahead of time.

Automotive Services

Emergency locksmith services are typically the first line of defense for vehicle lockouts. When you call a professional locksmith for this they will decipher your current door lock, create a new working key, and program the key to your car.

Some examples of automotive locksmith services include:

  • Car lockout services
  • Key programming
  • Fob programming
  • High-security keys (laser cut keys)
  • Key generation and replacement
  • Broken auto key extractions
  • Automotive rekeying
  • Key fob battery replacement

It’s always a good idea to keep an extra key for your vehicle. If you don’t currently have one, locksmith services can create one for you.

The professionals at 512 Locksmith can also help with ignition problems you might be having. Issues that go unsolved can result in inserting the wrong key into a switch and robbery.

In addition to this, transponder key programming is a service we offer. The electrical device to your vehicle is part of your car’s anti-theft system and works separately from the key fob and vehicle alarm.

When the transponder malfunctions, the proper signal cannot reach the vehicle to start the engine. Going to a dealership to fix this problem is going to be more costly than hiring a professional locksmith.

Surveillance System Installation

A visual aspect to your home or business security can come in handy. Professional locksmiths can help you choose the right system to ensure the security of your family and your valuables.

Residential locksmith services can install or replace your current security camera system. Commercial locksmith services do this as well.

You can find this service along with the others above by hiring locksmiths from 512 Locksmith in Austin, TX.

Professional Locksmith Benefits

The obvious benefits of hiring a professional locksmith are the services above. However, there are additional advantages that not everyone considers.

If you are thinking about hiring a locksmith when you are in a jam, consider these benefits.

Quick Response Time

Locksmith services provide you with a quick response time when you are locked out without backup keys.

For example, most professional locksmiths can get you back on the road within the hour if you are locked out of your vehicle. You’ll be able to continue your schedule without delay.

Locksmiths are trained to respond to different emergency types. Fast solutions are available including creating a new set of keys if necessary. Locks can also be changed in only a few minutes.


Your lock breaking, key breaking, or getting locked out of your home or business can happen at any hour of the day. Because of this, locksmith services provide 24/7 availability.

Keep in mind that not every locksmith company will offer this timetable. The pros at 512 Locksmith are available for you 24/7.

This way, you don’t have to panic if you find yourself locked out. The added convenience is reason enough to hire a locksmith when needed.

Qualifications and Experience

A professional locksmith provider will employ a team of technicians who have the right experience and are well trained. These experts will be able to handle any job you throw at them because of their qualifications.

A technician comes with the right tools and equipment to set anything you need back to the right conditions.

Certified locksmiths have to complete extensive training where they get tested on different locks and learn details about how each of them works. This prepares them to fix any lock even if they haven’t encountered it.

512 Locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

Years of Experience

512 Locksmith has over five years of experience under their belt. This benefits homeowners who don’t want to learn everything about locks to complete DIY repairs.

The knowledge you have will only come in handy a few times in your life. Instead of wasting your time learning how to deal with locks on your own, hire experts with experience.

The same goes for commercial and vehicle locksmith services.

Our pros unlock locks daily and know a lot about different lock brands. You’ll get a fair and upfront price for labor and knowledge.

Saves Money

Locksmiths are more affordable than some people make them out to be. This is especially true when you factor in the time and tools you need to complete DIY lock repair on your own.

If a mistake happens that requires you to get more materials or complete a full replacement, you’ll lose money. Hiring professional locksmith services is a cost-savvy alternative.

Increased Safety

When it comes to the safety of your family, belongings, and business, you will want to ensure your safety devices are working properly. This includes the use of residential, commercial, and vehicle locks.

If you choose to DIY lock safety, it’s difficult to know for sure if all safety precautions were taken and if they are in good working condition.

Safety and Security Tips

When you hire a professional locksmith, you are bound to receive safety and security tips whether you ask for them or not.

Because they are experts in their field, locksmiths can take one look at your current system and let you know how successful it is for keeping you and your family safe. This goes for systems securing your car, office, or home.

You can hire a locksmith to complete a security survey that determines whether your safety is compromised in any way.

Remote Location Services

If you were to get locked out of your vehicle away from your home, locksmiths can come to your remote location and handle the problem. Some locksmiths work straight out of their vehicles to stay prepared for remote services.


512 Locksmith is a company you can rely on. When you find a highly reliable service, you have to take them up on their offer because there are locksmith scams out there trying to take your money.

A professional locksmith that is certified and experienced is someone you can trust. Only get assistance from certified professionals to avoid further issues down the line.

Problem Solving

If you’ve struggled to open your car, home, or commercial business doors for a while but eventually get it done, you likely have a lock that needs to be repaired. It’s best to handle this before getting locked out or getting your key stuck in the keyhole.

If you can’t exactly pinpoint the issue, a professional locksmith technician can use their problem-solving skills to help you out. They’ll be able to efficiently solve the main issue.

With enough experience to tackle complex problems, you won’t have to spend additional money getting a second opinion. They’ll use their tactics to handle the situation whether you are dealing with an old or new lock system.

Less Room for Error

Professional locksmiths have the right tools and knowledge to deal with your issue the first time around.

Without using the help of a professional, you run the risk of error and creating a problem bigger than it was before.

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This guide covers our different services and the benefits of hiring an expert from our licensed and insured team.

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