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Home lockoutsIn the United States alone, it is estimated that after every eight seconds, a burglary happens. These statistics show the extent of burglary crime in the US. When you add up, it’s approximately 4,800 every single day. You don’t know whether the next few seconds someone will access your home. To effectively protect yourself, here someone statistic that may concern you.

Most burglaries happen between 10 am and 3 pm

Majority of burglaries in the United States happen around 10 am and 3 pm. During these hours most people are either fast asleep or at work or schools during the day. Installing light motion sensors and security cameras is the best way to protect yourself and family.

Burglar living near you are the one who committed burglary in your area.

It is confirmed that people living within two miles from your home are most likely the ones stealing from you. It’s easy for them because they know your schedule, and the best time to attack. They also know when you are on vacation, and your home is unattended.

Burglars avoid home using security systems

A report by the University of North Carolina shows about 60% of burglars who are convicted said they choose to target another home when they find a security system.

Almost 30% of burglars access your home via unlocked windows and door

It’s surprising how burglars use unlocked windows and door to access home. Most of them use first floor windows and doors, especially if the entrance is sealed with overgrown vegetation.

Burglars will burglarize your home not more than 10 minutes

They wont even waste time on high tech locks because in just 10 minutes there is enough time for an intruder to steal all your valuables from you. Intruder search for easy target homes where they can easily break-in and take off before anyone notices them.

The master bedroom is the first place intruder goes to

Unfortunately, burglars know that most people find they are valuable in the master bedroom and that the place they will visit first.

3 out of 10 burglaries happen when someone is at home

According to crime victimization survey by the U.S. Department of Justice, 28% of burglaries take place when someone is at home.

Burglary is not something that anyone wants to experience. The above statistics confirm the need to closely watch your home and take the necessary step to keep it free from burglars. Take the necessary precaution and add monitored home security system for extra protection.