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Easy Explanation Of The Advantages Of Each Type Of Key In The Office- Prevention Of Picking And Mischief

The first type of key we will introduce at this place is the IC electronic lock. The advantage of this key Door Replacement is that you can manage not only the entrance but also the cabinet with one card. Since there are multiple keys attached to the cabinet containing essential documents in the office, it was very troublesome to manage the keys with conventional ones. However, this key is very easy because you can open and close it with the same IC card as the entrance.

In addition, some manufacturers have a record-keeping system, so it’s easy to see who opened the office and touched which cabinet. Therefore, it also serves as a deterrent to internal crimes. Furthermore, since screws are not used for mounting, it is safe even for rental offices.

Advantages Of Each Type Of Lock In The Office:

The following are the advantages of the PIN code method. Door Replacement The numbers are displayed randomly, so you don’t have to worry about reading them from the outside, and some products do not use electricity to use them with peace of mind even during a power outage.

The last type of key to introducing is biometrics. Door Replacement - Pros On CallDoor Replacement The key advantage of this key is that it cannot be duplicated and is not picked. The biometric authentication method has no keyhole, so physically picking is impossible. Furthermore, since fingerprints and faces cannot be entirely copied with modern technology, crimes due to duplicate keys can also be prevented. Even if you try to mischief on the terminal, it will intimidate you with a warning sound.

The key at this place has some drawbacks depending on the type, but the first thing to introduce is the disadvantages of cards. Most of them can be issued up to 300, but if you increase it too much, it will be challenging to manage as with conventional keys.

Next is the introduction cost. As I will explain in detail in the next section, compared to the conventional key, the smart key itself is expensive, and the wages when you ask a vendor to install it are also expensive. Even if you rent it, you will still need to pay the monthly fee.

Another disadvantage is that it cannot be installed depending on the type of office door. If that happens, you will have to replace the entire door, which will require more money. Some key disadvantages are common to all types. It is because there are not many vendors who can respond when trouble occurs.

Although the number of specialists is gradually increasing with the spread of smart keys, the number is still smaller than that of ordinary key vendors. Therefore, once a problem occurs, it may take time to resolve it.

Many people will be able to live with a sense of security by having the keys replaced for crime prevention measures, and troubles such as damage to burglars can be avoided. It is also important to gather information from specialized vendors and consult with staff to find knowledge about security measures.


About Services Provided By Locksmiths:

Best Door Replacement locksmith must hire for the security purpose. The contents of the services provided by locksmiths are extensive. Among them, the typical one is a service that unlocks even in an emergency. This is a useful service in case of loss. Keep in mind that a room cannot be unlocked unless it is owned.

As a result, it is necessary to show proof by showing the driver’s license. There is another crucial thing that locksmiths do. It will be a key exchange. Regarding key exchange, it is a service to replace the key with a new product.

The key is one of the important factors in preventing crime, so I would like to make sure that it is complete. In other words, smart lock installs apps and software on a smartphone and uses a dedicated device so that they can take the place of keys.


Also, the magnet key is a member of porcelain, as mentioned above. As a result, the magnet key is less prone to deterioration, such as bending or rusting.


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