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Is The Magnet Key Highly Safe? Explain The Advantages And How It Works?

Not only is the magnet key highly safe, but it is also a unique key that does not easily deteriorate and is inexpensive. If you understand the magnet key features in this article and install it in the appropriate place, you will be able to enhance it further.

Behind the advent of magnetic keys is the fact that an increasing number of people are worried about burglary damage and critical failures. This time, I will introduce a key that has higher security than the magnet key, so this is it! Please use it as a guide to finding the key. Door Repair

Also, installing and replacing keys will vary greatly depending on whether you have prior knowledge. Get informed and pick the best option of Door Repair, so you don’t have to worry about spending money.

What Is A Magnet Key?

Due to the heightened awareness of crime prevention, the number of people who exchange keys for burglary or theft damage is increasing in recent years. Above all, the magnetic key is attracting attention because it has high security and is easy to handle.

At first glance, Door Repair the magnetic key has a shape with a thin part to be inserted into the keyhole and a rounded and bulged handle, like a key with a notch that has been widely used from the past. However, many people can think of a key that does not have the knurls that are essential. Instead have many small holes on the surface and sides of the key.

I’m wondering how you can unlock it without the jaggedness. I am wondering what the small holes do. Therefore, this column introduces the features and mechanism of the magnet key and explains the key exchange timing and price quotes that are useful for those who are considering exchanging the key with high security.

We hope that those who read this column will have peace of mind with crime prevention measures that can be done with just one key.

Features Of Magnet Key:

The characteristic of the magnetic key is that it has a lot of holes instead of a jagged appearance. The shape with the elongated part to be inserted into the keyhole and the round and bulged handle is similar to the key with the notch used in the conventional house’s keys.

Magnets are built into the holes on the flat and side surfaces of the magnet key. Door Repair There are holes with built-in magnetic poles such as N pole and S pole. In fact the dummy holes without built-in magnetic poles, creating innumerable array patterns for each key. This magnetic pole arrangement pattern is the key instead of jagged.

Besides, the magnet key has the feature that it is hard to bend and rust. When magnet keys are manufactured, magnets and iron oxide are hardened at high temperatures, so they have the characteristics of ceramics.

How The Magnet Key Works?

It turns out that the magnet key is a key that has the properties of a magnet. The unlocking mechanism also uses magnets’ action to pull together. If the magnetic poles are different and repel each other if they have the same pole. Let’s take a look at how the magnetic key unlocks in order.

1. Insert the magnet key into the keyhole.
2. The magnet of the key and the magnet inside the keyhole repel or stick to each other.
3. Unlock the sheer line inside the keyhole (a line that opens the closed key by engaging).

Perhaps many were wondering why they could unlock it without the jaggedness. Door Repair The inside of the keyhole cannot be seen directly, but the magnet built into the hole of the magnet key worked inside the keyhole to unlock it.

Advantages Of Magnet Keys:

The advantage of the magnet key is that it has high security and is resistant to deterioration over time. The magnet key is unlocked when the magnetic pole pattern of the key matches the magnetic pole pattern inside the keyhole. An infinite number of magnetic pole arrangement patterns can be created by combining the N and S poles.


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