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When a homeowner is looking to remain protected from intruders, they will want to make sure that they are outfitting their home with the best locks known to man. There is no lock that is too powerful for the job and homeowners deserve to enjoy all of the peace of mind that they deserve.

To that end, they will often look for pick proof locks. There are some who may not believe that they exist but we are here to tell you that they are real….and they are spectacular. Unfortunately, there are also locks that are being marketed as being “bump proof” and this can cause a fair amount of confusion.

So what is the difference between a lock that is pick proof and a lock that is bump proof? Bump proof locks are designed to keep a homeowner safe when would be intruders use something that is known as a “bump” key. These keys are designed so that the intruder can make their way inside and leave behind no traces of evidence.

A hammer or a screwdriver is used to force a key into the hole and when the key is moved quickly, these movements force the door open. Bump proof locks and pick proof locks are not one and the same. It is important for homeowners to learn this difference before securing their residence.

Pick proof locks can be misleading because it causes the homeowner to believe that they can continue to purchase the same locks that they always have. In reality, those who decide that they wish to rely on outdated locks will need to make sure that they are also purchasing an extra set of tumblers.

This makes it much harder for intruders to stage a potential break in. When it comes to making sure that your lock is truly pick proof, there is one solution that will offer the most relief. You will need a lock that does not require the usage of a key at all. These are the only true pick proof locks on the current marketplace.

If the lock requires you to enter a key code or use your fingerprints, this makes it next to impossible for intruders to enter your residence. Yes, there are fancy burglars out there who can probably overpower a coded lock as well. But what are the chances that these burglars are going to want anything that you have? These are the types of tools that are used in art heists and bank jobs, not your typical B and E.

Avoid the usage of a traditional lock and key when possible if you would like to enjoy a lock that is actually pick proof. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing an untimely break in.