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In today’s high-tech world seemingly everything is controlled by a click of a button or a swipe of a cursor. Home security has embraced this trend and developed a series of locks that are secure, stylish, and in keeping with the latest software trends. The latest technology utilizes both Bluetooth and WiFi systems to lock and secure your home. With traditional battery backup, you can rest assured that even if you happen to lose power to your home your doors will remain locked.

According to many experts…

Hybrid locks like the Kwikset Kevo are an excellent option for those who are weary to leave behind the typical key and lock system they are used to.

Smart locks technologyThese locks in appearance are very similar to traditional deadbolt locks, but with both a “tap” feature and hard copy key you are sure to always have entrance to your property. Using a FOB or the Bluetooth feature on your phone just tapping the lock or standing close enough will open your door, with no fuss! We have done considerable research into the new technology on the market and feel confident in installing and servicing these high-security locks.

Many of our clients have been inquiring recently about August smart locks and their unique features.These locks are able to tell when you are coming or going through IOS and android applications so there is no need to even take your phone out of your pocket. Just approach the door and  watch it magically open before your eyes.

Not only that…

You can create numerous digital keys and allow friends and family to have access to your property when you aren’t present, and you can safely destroy digital keys when they are no longer needed.

Wait, there’s more…

Security cameras are also a great option for homes and businesses. CCTV can provide you with the peace of mind you desire when your children are home alone or under the care of someone else. Remotely viewed baby monitors can be watched using WIFI, just make sure you set up a password so that only you have access to your camera footage, as most come with default passwords that can be easily hacked.