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Home lockoutsChoosing the right locks for your home can be a daunting task if you don’t know the kind of locks to use, its pros and cons. Choosing a lock needs more than just picking one from the shelve and installing it to your door. There are also many locks on the market, so to choose a set you need to have all information about the locks. To help you out, let’s focus on mechanical deadbolt locks and find out if they are the best option for your home security.

What are mechanical deadbolt locks?

The mechanical lock is a type of lock that keeps you home locked until you open it using a key, lever, knob and the thumb turn. There are a variety of these locks in the market, but all of them serves the same purpose of securing your door.

Advantages of mechanical deadbolt locks

The locks are easier when compared to other locks like the electronic locks. For instance, the Schlage deadbolt lock is equipped with a snap and stay technology. This type of lock is really good at preventing burglaries.


These locks are affordable than high tech locks. Before you buy a lock for your home, you need to factor in things like security grades and durability. Cheap locks sometimes mean they wear down easily, meaning you will spend more on replacements and repairs.

More style options

If you are looking for styles and a variety of features to choose from, then the mechanical locks are the best option. You can always find a mechanical deadbolt perfect for your home.


Difficult to control access

When it comes to access, no one can access your home without using the spare key you leave with them. You also need to create the extra key if you have a number of people accessing your home when you are not alone. Failure to that, you need to leave the spare key where all can find it which makes your home vulnerable to intruders.

Easy to lock yourself out

When using mechanical deadbolt locks, the possibility of locking yourself out is high. If you happen to get locked out, the only other way to access your home is calling the locksmith or calling the person with a spare key which translated to an hour of waiting.

Weighted down by keys

We all know the pain of walking around with the keys everywhere you go. It can also be a struggle to open the door when you have things like groceries in your hands.