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home access control

If you don’t have a smart home access control system, you’re not protecting your home like you could. Smart home technology has the potential to increase your home security.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about smart home access control. Read on to find out how you can make your home safer and improve your peace of mind!

Different Areas You Can Use Smart Home Access Control

In the past few years, smart home technology has developed rapidly. There are a growing number of ways that you can use this technology.

In this blog, we are going to explore the variety of different areas you can apply smart home access control technology. Additionally, we are going to discuss all the great ways that this technology can make your life easier and your home safer.

Smart Locks for Exterior Doors

The first example that comes to mind when thinking about smart access control technology is probably smart locks. Traditional locks with physical keys are quickly getting outdated. A wave of new features make smart locks the way to go.

Smart locks today go beyond the keypad locks that were once at the forefront. These locks connect to the internet over WiFi, opening up many new uses.

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to generate virtual keys. These virtual keys can be sent by smartphone to anyone you need to have access to your home.

This is certainly convenient for family members, but it also has the potential to make access for service workers much easier. It becomes far more simple to let in a contractor or cleaning service to your house.

Some locks have enabled more advanced features related to virtual keys. For example, you can set up keys that only work during certain times of the day. This would help you ensure that the person you’re letting in doesn’t try and use the key later on.

Also, you can set up keys that are only for single-use. This would allow you to have guests at a party let themselves in for gathering, but not again later on.

Smart Access for Garages

People who use a garage most days know how stressful it can be forgetting to close it. Leaving the garage door open can be like an invitation for people to wander into your home.

A smart garage door opener can give you an easy solution to this problem. These systems would allow you to open and close the door remotely.

If you forgot to close the door, you could simply open your smartphone app to check.

Also, if you need to let someone use the garage remotely, you now have a perfect solution. You can open or close the garage completely remotely using the app.

Some systems are now advanced enough for automation. They can be set up to automatically open the garage door for you when you near your home. The annoying time you spend waiting for the door to slowly creep open could be a thing of the past.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras have come a long way in recent years. For a long time, security cameras were analog devices that required elaborate wiring and costly setups.

Additionally, they recorded to physical media like tapes and DVDs. This required changing out the disc or tape on a regular basis.

With all of these hassles, it’s no wonder that they weren’t popular for home use. Smart home technology has totally changed how easy camera systems are.

For one, they have become a lot cheaper. Gone are the days where security camera systems are only for businesses and the wealthy.

Let’s start with installation. In the old days, professionals would have to run wires all over your house.

Today, WiFi-enabled cameras are very common. This means that systems can be set up without the need to string them all together to a common location.

The need for physical tapes or DVDs is also now a thing of the past.

Modern security cameras come with 2 different options. Hard drives or SD cards can be set up, which help you record hundreds of hours of video. With looping, this means you never have to change any DVDs or tapes!

Newer camera systems also take advantage of being connected to the internet. This means that cameras can store video right in a cloud server.

This new feature means that there isn’t a need for a central storage device in your home. That means no DVDs, no SD cards, and no hard drives!

It also means that you can access all your video remotely. Systems often come with a smartphone application. This lets you check on your cameras wherever you are in the world.

It also means that you can check live video feeds in your home.

Combining new security camera technology with remote access control makes for a very powerful new set of tools!

Smart Doorbells

The best example of this combination is probably new smart doorbells.

Smart doorbells replace your existing doorbell with an internet-connected device. The device typically also has a camera and a microphone.

When visitors ring the doorbell, an alert appears on your phone. Then, you’re able to see who is at the door and speak directly to them.

This is a powerful tool, allowing you to make sure that you don’t open the door for someone you don’t know.

Also, it allows you to see when people come to your door even if you aren’t home at the time.

This can be really important for things like package delivery. When the delivery person comes, you will get notified and open up the app. Then, you can instruct them to leave the package wherever you prefer.

Or, if you have a smart lock, you might even be able to grant them access remotely. This would allow them to put the package inside your door without you even needing to be present.

Package theft is becoming more and more common with more of our shopping moving online. An effective remote access control system is vital to making sure your packages are safe.

Smart Home Security Systems

If you care about your home’s security, a security system is probably something you’ve considered before. What you might not have considered is how smart home technology has been changing the home security landscape.

Most systems are less complicated than the elaborate security systems that preceded them. Smart technology has allowed them to become easier to use and far more capable than before.

One of the biggest changes is that these systems now do an excellent job of interacting with other smart home products.

You can now seamlessly integrate not just sensors and cameras, but also door locks and doorbells.

With integration comes improved security.

These new security systems have all the features of old security systems with the added benefits of connectivity and integration with other smart systems.

The typical security system will include motion sensors, glass break sensors, and some kind of keypad or other interfaces.

Since it is now common to control your system with your smartphone, many systems have enabled this kind of functionality.

Being able to have an instant alert when something goes wrong in your home is an essential for many people. With these new systems, that is possible.

You will never have to spend time away from your house worrying or wondering about what is going on there.

Key Benefits of Smart Home Access Control

With so many ways to implement smart home access control, there’s a wide variety of ways you can benefit from the technology. In the rest of this blog, we are going to run through just a few of the many ways this is possible.

Increased Security

There is an incredible amount of stress that people endure because they are unsure if their home is secure. Whether it means sleeping peacefully at night or being able to relax when you’re away for the weekend, security is essential.

The problem is that most older systems and approaches to security don’t connect you directly to the system. Instead of having an alert right on your smartphone, you might get a call from a remote call center well after something has been detected.

Smart home access control comes in a wide variety of different forms, but they all have one thing in common. They provide you peace of mind.

They allow you to enjoy the moment instead of worrying if someone is trying to enter your home wrongfully.

Additionally, the ability to connect many smart security devices increases your level of security. If you can double-check a motion alert with a camera, you can see what is actually happening.

Or, if you get an alert that the doorbell was rung, you can check to see if any of your doors are unlocked.

All of this adds up to a comforting blanket of security across your entire home. The best part is, you can have visibility over it now matter where you are in the world. With today’s smart home technology, you can have full visibility over your home security through your smartphone.

Let in Service Workers More Easily

No one likes having to schedule cable company or plumber visits around the busyness of daily life. Having a smart home access control system takes all the hassle out of that process.

The ability to create virtual keys for smart locks can help you set up access for visitors ahead of time.

No time to plan ahead? No problem. With your smart doorbell, you can get an alert on your phone letting you know when someone is at your door.

You can also set specific times when remote keys will work. This ensures that workers and others can access your home when you want them to, and not anytime else.

Forgot Your Keys? No Problem.

We’ve all been in that awful situation when you realize that you forgot your keys somewhere. Often, this means either retracing your steps or waiting for a locksmith to come and let you in.

No has time for either of those things, which could mean hours added to your already busy day.

With a smart home access control system, you’re able to easily let yourself or others into your home. You can do this right from your phone.

This gets rid of the annoyances that come with forgetting your keys!

Integration with Other Smart Home Systems

When you implement a smart home access control system, you enable integration with other smart systems.

Imagine being able to program your smart lights to turn on when you open your garage or when you unlock your front door.

All of the integration with other systems will only lead to more security.

Think about how the smart doorbell works with your smart lock. You’re able to get an alert when someone is at the door and you’re able to see who’s there.

Then, using your smart lock, you can even let them in remotely.

By combining several layers of smart home systems, you’re increasing the overall security of your home.

Wrapping Up

A wave of new advancements in recent years has opened up the range of possibilities for smart homes. Things that seemed like science fiction just a few years ago are now becoming the new normal.

Locks that you can control remotely allow you to provide access to your home wherever you are.

Camera systems no longer require tapes or DVDs. They also sometimes allow streaming to keep an eye on your house from your smartphone.

Smart home technology is finding its way into every nook and cranny of our houses. Even doorbells and garage door openers are now connected devices.

For a customer who cares about the security of their home, this is a great time to be alive. Smart home access control systems help you keep the ultimate peace of mind.

Visit our website today to learn more and talk to an expert about getting started on your smart home access control system journey!