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There is so much to consider when updating your homes security system. It is important that you protect your commercial area because that is the only way you will be able to manage your profit and assure that no one will try to steal your income. There are many individuals who are confused whether it would better to install the CCTV camera or security lock system. Here we have a complete comparison that will help you select, which is a better option.

High security locks

High security locks will help you to protect your office properly from the burglars and thieves. There are some pros and cons of the product you have to consider.

1. There are smart locks available on the market that will allow you to secure the office or shop with the help of your fingerprint or voice.
2. There are some locks available on the market that are connected with your smartphone. It will allow you to provide access to the only person that you know once you have closed the office
3. The latest alarm system connected with the smart lock will allow the system to send an alarm to your mobile and nearest police station to assure that the culprits can be caught.
4. The only issue with the product is that in case the burglars have been able to run away you will have no proof of their presence.

CCTV camera

The biggest advantage of having the CCTV camera is that you will get the complete coverage of the office or shop 24/7. It means that everything is recorded all the time. in case there has been a theft, you will be able to find out with the help of recordings. It will get easier for you to find and catch the culprits. There are some latest cameras available on the market that can be linked to your phone. It means that you will get the entire coverage on your phone. However, if you are ignorant you might not be able to catch the thief on time. As well as camera will not be able to secure your office.

Which is a better option

No doubt that both technologies have their pros and cons. You might be wondering that which is a better option. It is a better solution to find a high security system that comes with the CCTV camera. That is the best way to get a complete security that you want. There are different types of latest technology systems available that will provide you with proper protection. Make sure that you hire an expert for the installation of the camera, so that you will not have to deal with any technical issues.