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Following these summerSummer tips 2016 security tips is an essential way to remain safe at home or while traveling around your city or on a vacation. We highly recommend that you invest in high quality, durable locks for your home and car, and make sure they are correctly installed by qualified professionals. This will help prevent a break-in at any time of the year.

How does this help?

Many would-be thieves are more likely to break into a car or home that clearly has sub-par locks, as it is much easier to pick an older type of lock. Talk to a certified technician to find out the best way to upgrade your locks and security systems, prompting most burglars to move on to an easier target. This will not only protect your property and belongings but could possibly help save the lives of you and your loved ones.

4 Tips From The Experts

# 1. Add Window Locks To Your Home

Adding window locks to a building is an important way to prevent a robbery because most thieves use windows to enter a home or business. The locks that are on new windows are not enough to keep out a determined thief who looks for a way to break into a building from a side or back location. While you might remember to add locks and security devices to doors, walk around a building to see if the locks on the windows are strong enough to resist a criminal.

# 2. Install Outdoor Lighting

Thieves look for buildings that don’t have exterior lighting, especially near windows and doors. A thief does not want a neighbor or pedestrian noticing that they are lurking around a building, and a dark lawn or parking lot makes it easy to break into a business or home in only a few seconds. With solar lighting that is designed for fast installation, we know that it is easy for our customers to place lights near entrance ways and windows to help keep criminals away.

# 3. Keep Your Vehicle Locked

While you are running errands, make sure to keep your vehicle locked to stop a thief from entering a vehicle to steal packages or other items.

But that’s not all…

Having a locked vehicle can also help to prevent an assault from a criminal who might hide in a backseat of an automobile or in the storage area of a van. Despite locking a vehicle, get into the habit of looking through its windows to verify that no one has entered it and is waiting
to attack.

# 4. Contact Neighbors before Leaving On Vacation

If you plan to go on a vacation, then we strongly suggest telling a neighbor to watch your property. In some cities, it is possible to alert law officials that you are away so that they can drive by a building to check for problems. Don’t make your property a target for a robbery by permitting grass to grow or allowing mail and newspapers to pile up. Have someone mow the lawns, and contact the post office and newspaper carrier to stop deliveries while you are away.