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  • What You Need To Know To Improve Security


    One way to improve security is to install a security camera or replace the window glass with tempered glass. However, even if the key is exchanged, the security can be sufficiently enhanced. Traditionally, Japanese houses have used jagged disc cylinder keys. Security can be improved by simply replacing the disc cylinder key with a digital key such as a magnet key, PIN code, card key, or biometric key.


    Here, we will introduce the features of various Residential Doors keys with high security and key exchange timing.


    Where Are Magnet Keys Effective?


    If the magnet key is installed in a place where it is frequently used or where high security is required, it can be used easily and highly effective in preventing picking. Like the cylinder key, the magnet key can be easily unlocked just by inserting it in the keyhole, so it is convenient to install it in a place where you often use the key.

    Also, the magnet key’s strength is that it is difficult to pick because of the mechanism of unlocking the magnetic poles. Therefore, magnet keys are widely used as keys for houses, suitcases, motorcycle shutter keys, etc.


    Key Exchange Timing:


    A key is essential to protect your home and your valuable property. When stalkers and other people are vulnerable to damage, we would like to replace the key and keep the security of our surroundings high.

    However, there are times when it is better to exchange keys in situations other than the above. Start thinking about key exchange when three things are true:

    1. When the key is difficult to turn.

    2. When using an old key.

    3. If you lose your key.

    Residential Doors
    If the key is difficult to turn, the key and lock may not fit properly due to deterioration over time. If you continue to use it, the key may suddenly break down. Even when using the disk cylinder key, it will be replaced. Because the structure of the lock is simple, it may be unlocked in about 1 minute. 

    Therefore, those who use the disk cylinder key can say that the security performance at home is very poor. If you lose your key, it’s time to replace it. Even if you lose your key, many people use it as it is, without having to exchange keys, because they still have a duplicate key and family key.

    However, if the key is dropped and it is seen by a third party such as a thief and the house is specified, it will be easily intruded. If your key fits into these situations, consider an early key exchange.


    What Is More Secure Than A Magnet Key?


    Although it is a magnetic key that is easy to use and has high security as a disk cylinder key, is there another key with high security? Here, let’s take a look at three types of digital keys with high security as keys for a house.


    1. PIN Code:


    The Key is a key to unlock by entering the PIN code. You don’t have to carry a key with you, and you don’t have to worry about losing your key, so you don’t have to make a duplicate key. However, there is a risk that you may forget your PIN or be able to see where you are entering your PIN.

    2. Card Lock


    Unlock with a card-shaped key such as a card or IC card in which magnetism is embedded. In recent years, an increasing number of people are using electronic money for transportation with a key function added. 

    It can be said that card locks are also highly safe because they are not damaged by picking. Since it can be stored in a wallet or pass case, it can be easy to put in and take out. However, if the card is broken or missing, it will become unusable.

    3. Biometrics Key:


    The sensor unlocks by reading a person’s fingerprint or vein. You don’t have to carry your keys with you, so you won’t lose them or create a duplicate key. Furthermore, since the key identifies an individual and unlocks it, there is an advantage that the entry history of people remains in condominiums.



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