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Why You Need Access Control Systems for Business Protection

Did you know that, according to Small Business Trends, 8.8% of small businesses experienced theft or burglary in 2016? If you go through this, you might have to pay around $8,000 to make up for the theft. If you’re worried about the possibility of being robbed or...

Locksmith Emergency: Steps to Take After a Break-In

We’ve all seen horror movies about home invasions—it seems like Hollywood comes out with one every week. However, reality is far more frightening than fiction.  In the United States, a burglary occurs every 26 seconds. Most occur at homes during the daytime....
How to Find a Reliable Door Repair/Installation Service

How to Find a Reliable Door Repair/Installation Service

Picture this: You are already late to work and once you finally step out of the house and close the front door, it breaks making it impossible to lock. You don’t want to leave your home unlocked, so what do you do? Most would panic call the first locksmith they...