Burglary Damage Repair and Door Repair Austin TX

512 Locksmith has fast Burglary Damage Repair and Door Repair for your peace of mind…

In Austin, TX, as elsewhere in the country, coming home and finding the front door or back door smashed by burglars is a terrible shock.
Austin Burglary Repair
The thought immediately comes to mind as to how much additional damage has been done inside.   Of course, the first thing you will do is call the police.  The next step is to call us at .  We are 512 Locksmith, a professional locksmith in Austin that specializes in door repair and installation.

High security lock installation
One of our Burglary Damage Repair services is replacing doors that have been damaged by a break-in.  Our highly qualified personnel are available to immediately replace the door and repair any other damage.  At the same time, a proper lock will be installed.  Some choices of locks to choose from include:

  • Grade 3-1 locks
  • Major brands locks
  • Decorative locks
  • Double sided locks
  • Keyless locks
  • Biometric locks

Burglary Damage Repair and Door Repair Austin

This assures that you will have exactly what will fit your desire for security, as well as a lock that will fit in beautifully with the door’s appearance.  We also offer the service of replacing any interior or exterior door when needed.  Many times, simply replacing or repairing a door can make a significant difference in the appearance of a room or the outside of a house.

Fully experienced with all aspects in the field of burglary damage repair, there is no need to wait for someone who is unaware of the codes and other requirements for this kind of work.  Our experts will not only take care of the replacement but also explain the best key security system available that will fit your situation.  Our lock installation and repair services are reasonably priced and full satisfaction is guaranteed on all our work. 

Our Burglary Damage Repair and Door Repair Team is licensed, fully insured, and available 24/7.  This means that regardless as to when the damage occurs you will receive an immediate response.  We also service cracked or broken interior and exterior doors and windows including storm sliding glass French doors and more.


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