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The security of a home or business should not be overlooked. Property crimes occur every minute and pose a threat to valuables. As a Buda locksmith and dedicated team member, we strive to provide the best services for our clients. We understand the need for optimal locks and only employ highly skilled technicians.

Buda Locksmith

Buda Locksmith


Our company has been in business for many years. As a result, it has grown to a level where we can offer all types of locksmith Buda Tx services. Everything from residential, commercial, automotive to emergency and burglar damage repair is available. We do it all, so that residents in Buda can remain safe. When one of our technicians is dispatched, customers will be confident knowing they will perform the best job.

We know that you do not accept anything less than satisfactory from a Buda locksmith. We understand how important it is for a business to protect their valuables. The employees can install master key systems and panic lock devices with ease. At 512 Locksmith we are also quick to respond to emergency calls. We know that we are needed to reach you in time.


We understand the concern a resident may have when dealing with an unknown company. They can rest assured that we are licensed and bonded. Our 512 Locksmith Buda services are never performed without insurance. We will treat your property as our own and will repair any damage caused during the process of getting you back in your home, office or vehicle.

Customer Service

Our 512 Buda Locksmith service always puts the customer first. We enjoy making residents in the Austin metropolitan area feel safer. We have Buda TX locksmith technicians that are courteous and prepared to answer any questions that customers may have. Our 512 Locksmith Buda Texas prices are affordable and we give you the final price up front before performing the work, so no hidden charges.

We have been in the home security business for many years. We have acquired much knowledge and experience to provide the best services possible.  You can improve the security of your home or office by calling us today.

Buda Locksmith Services provided by 512 Locksmith

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